We’re a Barber Shop. We do the things that Barbers have been doing for hundreds of years. Are we awesome at what we do? Well, YEAH! But at the end of the day, we cut hair, shave different parts of your head and make you look great.

We know that you’ll leave us looking and feeling much better than when you came in. But are our services going to change your life? No. So when we describe what we do, we stay away from the flowery language and fancy names. We call it what it is. We think it’s easier that way.


We sit you down in a classic barber chair, spin you around, talk your ear off, and give you the best haircut you’ve ever have. Naturally we’ll clean up your neck, sideburns, nose, eyebrows and ears too. 

STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVE $60 (1 hour, by appointment only)
It’s been about 100 years since the safety razor became popular. Prior to that, shaving was an enjoyable experience. So let us lean you back, cover you with hot towels and lather, and make your face smooth. We’ll even make you smell good when we’re finished. Give yourself 1 hour for this one, perfection can’t be rushed.

HAIRCUT + STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVE $90 (by appointment only)
Right about now, you’re adding up the cost of the two services above to see if this is a good deal. Guess what? It is! This is an hour of pampering that men, sadly, no longer indulge in. Trust me, it’s worth the cost. This might just become your new ‘go-to’.

You’ll shine like a prized bowling ball when we’re done.

So you like your face to have some hair on it. That’s fine with us. Let us use scissors, razors and clippers to make it look its best. We’ll even clip those stray hairs coming out of your nose and ears.

Some guys aren’t comfortable with a sharp blade pressed against their neck. We understand that. It’s cool. That’s why we offer this option. You’ll end up smooth and smelling good this way too.


Not happy with the color or shade of your locks? We can change that. Nobody will ever know.

Color services by Johnny Angel for halo-esqe glowing locks. Call to book a consultation.


There are times, like when you burned off one sideburn in 9th grade chemistry class, that you need things that are unique. Things that don’t fall into any of the categories above. Tell us what you need done. We’ll think it over and give you a price upfront. Then we’ll get it done.


Can’t decide what you want or need? Or have that guy you can’t ever get a gift for? We have gift cards available in any amount you want. Simple!


Memberships are not only a great value, but they are also a reminder that you need to take some time for yourself every month. They also make great gifts for that special someone to give you (hint, hint).

We like to keep this simple. We give you 12 of any service for the price of 10 – a savings of 20% off the top.

  • 1 YEAR OF HAIRCUTS $400 ($80 savings)
    You get 12 haircuts each year. 
  • 1 YEAR OF STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVES $550 ($110 savings)
    You get 12 straight razor shaves each year.
  • 1 YEAR OF HAIRCUTS & STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVES $950 ($190 savings)
    You get 12 haircuts and shaves each year. These have to be done during the same appointments.