We’re a Barber Shop. We do the things that Barbers have been doing for hundreds of years. Are we awesome at what we do? Well, YEAH! But at the end of the day, we cut hair, shave different parts of your head and make you look great.

We know that you’ll leave us looking and feeling much better than when you came in. But are our services going to change your life? No. So when we describe what we do, we stay away from the flowery language and fancy names. We call it what it is. We think it’s easier that way.


Johnny Angel
Kat Lane
Autum, LMT

Born and raised from New York, Betsy has been a ‘Master Barber’ for 4 years. Skilled with her creative cutting styles, specifically androgynous clipper cute, pixie cute, and razor cuts, Betsy also offers clean shaves and impressive fades. In her spare time, Betsy likes art, singing and riding her trike around New Orleans.